‘Bling Empire’ is still shining in its third season

I am on a mission to get people to stop thinking about shows that bring them happiness as a “guilty pleasure.”

This is an ongoing campaign of mine, as many people continue to use that description for the entertainment they enjoy — but the way I see it, we should place a heavy emphasis on the “joy” part of the word.

Reality TV makes me happy, and none more so than shows about the well-to-do (and über-well-to-do).

So, color me thrilled that the new season of “Bling Empire” picks up right where last season’s high-stakes drama ended.

This group of wealthy Asian friends in Los Angeles is pretty entertaining, and I cannot wait to see how the feud between Christine Chiu and Anna Shay shakes out.

Trust me when I say that you are going to want to binge the first two seasons to get ready for the latest.