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'Dahan' casting director Shivam Gupta on success of the series: I feel proud, we all deserve this

Tisca Chopra starrer web show Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya has become the talk of the town, and for the right reason.

From location to the storyline, the show has attracted people and left them intrigued for more.

Not just the right cinematography but the right casting is the reason behind the show's tremendous success.

Casting director Shivam Gupta reflected on how the appreciation for 'Dahan' has been overwhelming and how deserving it is since everyone on the show worked really hard.

Shivam Gupta said: It's phenomenal to see that our labour or love is being drenched in appreciation. I feel proud to see that each talent has given their best in every bit of acting.

Since every person on the set has put their heart into the making of this series, we all deserve this success.