Do your little kids love horror? They’re not alone

Kayla Lopez’s kids, meanwhile, just need to pull on their Michael Myers masks to feel invincible.

Dominic, 6, and his 8-year-old sister Aubriella are hooked on horror, running around their home in the mask Myers dons in the “Halloween” series to discreetly dispatch his victims.

It’s a sight that’s extra hilarious when juxtaposed against their short stature, delightful giggles and footie pajamas.

Lopez documents their scary shenanigans on TikTok: Sometimes Dominic will hide under beds dressed like Pennywise the Dancing Clown from “It” or reveal a hockey mask à la Jason of “Friday the 13th” beneath his beloved Myers facade.

Oftentimes, Aubriella and her little brother will just stare at their mother from underneath their creepy rubber masks. Attempting to scare each other has become a treasured family pastime.

“It’s normal for children to want to explore the boundaries of their own fears and what society deems as acceptable,” said Scrivner, who studies horror media and fear, among other “scary” subjects.