Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson ‘Meet Cute’ in a ‘Groundhog Day’-style rom-com

Time-traveling romance has a spotty history (just ask HBO), but like “Groundhog Day,” that doesn’t stop variations on the theme from happening again and again.

Enter “Meet Cute,” an unhelpfully generic title for a movie most notable for pairing Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson, in a concept with barely enough meat for a “Black Mirror” episode, which likely explains its arrival via Peacock.

Cuoco’s Sheila approaches Davidson’s Gary in a bar, and the two spend a romantic night together getting to know each other, even if her behavior occasionally feels a bit off.

That’s before she explains that she has access to a time machine (located at her local nail salon, for some reason), allowing her to travel back a day, over and over again, reliving and revising their first date.

Although Gary is understandably skeptical, he’s also irresistibly drawn to her.

“We just work,” Sheila tells him, a theory that she can put to the test, over and over, altering the nature of their interaction in small and not-so-small ways and seeing how it plays out.