Deadly gun attack at Russian school

A shooter has started shooting at a school in focal Russia, killing no less than 15 individuals and harming 24, Russian authorities say.

The casualties incorporate 11 kids at the school of around 1,000 students in the city of Izhevsk.

The shooter committed suicide at the scene and was a previous student of the school.

Recordings presented online show up on show alarm inside the structure where the shooting occurred, with kids and grown-ups running along hallways.

Other film shows blood on a homeroom floor and a shot opening in a window, with kids hunching down below work areas.

Eleven youngsters and four grown-ups were killed, including two safety officers and two instructors, as per Russia's analytical board.

Everything except two of the 24 harmed individuals were youngsters.

The aggressor - named as Artem Kazantsev - is accounted for to have been furnished with two guns.

A video posted online by state specialists shows the dead body of the shooter on the floor, wearing a Shirt with a Nazi image and a balaclava.