New Emote in Free Fire

Free Fire will partner with “Carreta Furacão” for the launch of an unprecedented emote in Brazil.

This Tuesday, September 27, 2022Garena confirmed its newest collaboration, it is the partnership with Carreta Furacão.

In which users will find in the unprecedented emote in  October inspired by the " training da alegria " best known in Brazil.

Free Fire has a history of collaborating with musical artists.

Justin Bieber and DJ Alok have already appeared in the game as characters, as well as offering items and other rewards.

The Canadian singer has also already released a music trailer within the battle royale.

The Carreta Furacão gained a lot of popularity in Brazil , the little train of joy created in Ribeirão Preto , in the state of São Paulo , became a phenomenon on social networks with its members wearing superhero clothes and among other TV figures.