How to Transfer Internet Data from One Sim to Another

I am going to share complete information about how to transfer internet data from one sim to another sim and how to transfer VI to VI data and Jio To Jio data transfer code and how to transfer airtel to airtel data.

You can easily transfer data from one SIM to another, the process of which is going to be found in front of you.

There would have been a problem with everyone that we do not get that much data, but in the plan of the day, that it can run for the whole day.

Whenever your mobile data runs out, either you take a top-up plan or do a recharge again so that you can get data.

Whenever your mobile data runs out, then follow the method described in this post.



In Android phone, any file or video etc. can be easily transferred from one phone to another.

For this, there are many such features in the phone like Bluetooth, Nearby Share and there are many such apps from which you can take and give data in the phone.