Earn money on facebook $500 every day

There are a bunch of different avenues you can take, including selling products, services, marketing, or getting sponsored by brands, among other ways.

Affiliate marketing makes you money when you refer products to your audience and those referrals result in a sale. When a sale happens, you earn a commission.

Facebook Marketplace is a marketplace website built into Facebook where buyers and sellers come together. As a seller, you can sell products to customers locally or around the world.

Facebook Live is a way to connect with your audience over live Facebook video. Going live on Facebook is a smart way to connect with your viewers in real-time too.

Facebook Instant Articles lets you publish articles to Facebook for readers to consume. Articles load quickly and present beautifully on mobile.

Sponsored content is about getting paid to share information about brands with your audience as an influencer. You'll partner with companies and write Facebook posts introducing them to your Facebook fans.

Facebook subscription groups help you monetize your Facebook group with paid subscriptions.