How to Get New Free Fire pet, Skills

Lupino should arrive on the Indian server in the next few days at the Free Fire recharge event.

The new Free Fire pet is called Lupino , it was first revealed in the FF Advanced Server, this Wednesday, September 28, 2022 we will detail the available information about the release date and event .

If there are no changes, Lupino will be released on Free Fire next Wednesday, October 5, 2022 , more precisely 08:30 am ( Indian time ) through the FF recharge event.

The goals of the recharge event have not yet been revealed, however, they are usually between 1 , 300 and 500 Free Fire diamonds

It is worth remembering that, despite the information provided so far, Garena has not commented on the matter, so the community must wait for an official statement.



Lupino 's skill  in Free Fire will increase the  character 's EP  or  HP points, however, this will only occur  when your teammates are “knocked down” during matches .


Whenever the owner's teammate is knocked down by an enemy, the owner will receive  10 EP  if HP is full or  5 HP  if HP is not full. Does not exceed HP/EP limit .