Cheerful Navratri 2022: Praise the celebration of Navratri through WhatsApp Stickers, know how

Navratri has begun and it is the start for the bubbly season ahead.

STEP 1: Launch Google Play Store and search Happy Navratri WhatsApp stickers.

STEP 2: After the search results appear, download the sticker plan as per your choice.

STEP 3: Mow, open the sticker pack and tap on ‘Add to WhatsApp’.

STEP 4: This sticker pack would be added to WhatsApp.

STEP 5: Further, launch WhatsApp app and select the contact you want to send the sticker to.

STEP 6: Open the emoji icon and tap on the stickers section.

STEP 7: Browse the sticker pack that was added earlier.

STEP 8: Tap on any sticker that you wish to send.