Free Magic Cube on 22 August in free fire anniversary rewards

What’s up guys, as we told you yesterday about the 8 rewards garena will provide has been confirmed, share this post to 100k on facebook. Now it’s official! The Garena confirmed the prizes birthday Free Fire in 2020 in India and among them is the Magic Cube Free Fire totally free on August 22, 2020 , for this you will need to drop the cube fragments understand how it willRead More

8 official items for the Free Fire 2020 Anniversary event

Only 2 weeks to go until the Free Fire 2020 anniversary , but the awards and events will start in the next few days, there are several items that won the theme of the celebration, such as the ” Coelho Maniac backpack “, motorcycle , board , character skins and more , meet now. On the foreign servers, Garena began today to reveal (09) the official awards for the Free Fire 2020Read More

Confirmed Free Elite Pass By Officials Of Free Fire

Undoubtedly the elite Free Fire pass card is the grand prize expected by players during the Free Fire 2020 anniversary event , the Latam server ( does not include Indian Server yet ) was the first to confirm the pass as a gift in addition to Free skins and diamonds Fire. The fact that the Latam server confirms the elite pass card as a Free Fire anniversary gift leaves everyone else expecting the same to happen,Read More

Bermuda 2.0 A New Map? Or reformation of Old Bermuda

After several hints released, the Bermuda Plan was finally revealed with the arrival of the new Advanced Free Fire Server. But still, several doubts have arisen. After all, is Bermuda 2.0 a new map or a redesign of the current one? Well, this is still something that we cannot say with any certainty in the world, however, someRead More

Level UP- Web Events Error in free fire Issue.

Hey Survivors, In the past few hours, several players have reported problems accessing Free Fire Web Events . A continuous error message appeared on the screen when trying to enter any of them. However, you can rest assured. The game technicians are most likely already working hard to correct the errors that caused this instability, and soon they should beRead More

200 Custom Room Card For All Players free fire

In the last few days the subject “ 200 Custom Free Fire rooms ” has been widely commented on in the community through social networks, several players are asking for this item as a prize for the Free Fire anniversary event in the next June update . The ” 200 ” amount went viral because the influencers received this total of personalized room to use withRead More

Hrithik Roshan, Awakened Hayato character In Free Fire.

Hey Survivors, You Heard this new Right that The First bollywood character has now entered in game, Hrithik rishan as Agent JAI. The Luqueta is not the only new piece in no! In addition to him, we will have a new character named Jai , alongside another one of the characters that will awaken his secret powers. I could say “whoRead More

New Character Luqueta | Skills and Advantages

Hey Survivors, welcome back here in india’s best free fire news website. Debuting in the coming days with the arrival of the Advanced Server , the new character “ Luqueta ” will be released for tests for the first time on Free Fire. Luqueta is a Brazilian soccer player , 20 years old, and currently plays for the “ Horizon Soccer Academy “ team. TheRead More

Top 5 Best Car Insurance With Cover benefits Up to Rs.70,000

Benefits of Car Insurance 1.With an effective car insurance policy, the insured will get the coverage against loss or damage of the vehicle that is caused by Accident, theft, fire, explosion, self ignition, lightning, riots, strikes, Act of terrorism, Transit by Rail, Road, Air & Elevator and natural calamities, (Earthquake, Flood and more). 2.It willRead More

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