How To Create A Blog Page In WordPress|Blog Page Is Not Working | Missing Blog Page In WordPress

Hey guys your default Blog page are missing in wordpress. And default blog page is not working in your wordpress…!!!  In this article, we will show you how to create a default separate page for blog posts in WordPress. Login your admin dashboard. Go to Left hand side menu and navigate Pages>Add New create newRead More


NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) is a British record label that releases royalty-free electronic dance music.[3] Starting as a YouTube channel,[4] it reached 1 million paid downloads in 2017. NoCopyrightSounds was started as a YouTube channel in 2011 by an “avid gamer” named Billy Woodford. The label was described by Forbes as “a YouTube-first label that allows indie creators to use and even monetize its music freelyRead More

Grenade timer, jump higher, and more on OB-24 Free Fire

In three days, the newest Free Fire update, OB-24 , will be applied to the game. This means that we will have new features, changes, balance, skins, and everything that a good update is capable of doing in a game. Some of these things that await us, did not arrive at the last Advanced Server , but were disclosed yesterdayRead More

Discount Wheel: buy the Free Fire Elite Pass for up to 9 diamonds

This month’s Elite Pass did not come in the Mystery Shop, but will come in the Wheel of Discount event. Who confirmed, and released the information, was Garena herself on her official Twitter account. And it is on the 22nd of September that this will happen. If you are very lucky, you can get a pass for up to 9Read More

New weapons: Carapina, Parafal and Flamethrower in free fire

Carapina, Parafal and Flamethrower. These are the new weapons that arrived on the Advanced Server today. And although we have already talked a little more about two of them, we came back to clarify some things. M21 Carapina When we released the name of one of the weapons like M21 Woodpecker , we based it on its name thatRead More

PUBG Left Tencent Games Partnership to re-established in india

PUBG Corporation has decided to no longer authorise the PUBG Mobile franchise to Shenzhen-based Tencent Games in India and take over all its publishing responsibilities within the country, the company said in a statement on Monday. The new move comes in response to the PUBG Mobile ban in the country that was announced last week.Read More

New P-90 Weapon Royale Of Plan Bermuda in free fire

Wednesday is the day of the themed sub-machine gun from La Casa de Papel arriving at weapon Royale. Its name was defined as ” P90 – Plan Bermuda “, as well as most skins of the event. Its effect consists of several banknotes, which are revolving around the weapon. The skin is legendary, meaning it has a specialized killfeedRead More

Money Heist All Bundles And Backpack, Car Skins Free Fire

Starting next Sunday (06/08), the event that will open the partnership between Free Fire and La Casa de Papel is already giving something to talk about. Today, a small update of about 15mb has arrived in the game to change the opening screen, the bottom of the lobby, the home island, the plane, the airdrop, among others. All ofRead More

क्यों बैन हुआ PUBG | 118 APPS की पूरी List

जून के आखिरी सप्ताह से भारत सरकार की ओर से चाइनीज और विदेशी ऐप्स को बैन करने का सिलसिला जारी है और इस बार PUBG Mobile पर भी गाज गिरी है। पॉप्युलर मल्टीप्लेयर गेम समेत सरकार ने कुल 118 ऐप्स को बैन कर दिया गया है। सरकार की ओर से कहा गया है कि येRead More

Money Heist Bundle In Free Fire Full Detail

The Bermuda Free Fire Plan is what the Free Fire and LCDP partnership will be called , it has a date to start and will be on September 6, 2020 according to Garena herself on foreign servers, several items of the game will have the theme “ money in the house ”. Here in India the Garena has not yet commented about the date, though, as this is a global event if any changes will beginRead More

New September Elite Pass with Discount.

The elite Free Fire pass of September 2020 will be called “ Battle of the Streets ”, it will officially arrive next Tuesday (01) , however, the pre-sale of the elite pass will start this Saturday (29) with the skin of the Free Fire pan “ Eating on the Street ”. It is confirmed that the new Elite Pass of September (2020) , as it was with August, will arrive at aRead More

Swift Shoes And Spoiler Bundle Return in Free Fire

The Swifts Free Fire tennis is confirmed to Release in Indian Server soon on next Tuesday, August 25, 2020 after the 04h ( GMT ), it should is the “event Top 8 Free Fire “ along with new skin Free Fire called “Saqueadora” The ” Best of Eight ” has the same style as the ” Choose Royale ” that recently brought the Maniac Bundle , Aniversary Witch Girl  and Mask skins . In the eventRead More

How to get the Free Fire Blow Maniac skin on Saturday

The Free Fire Maniac Scam skin will arrive on our server this Saturday (22) , the package is the highlight of the Free Fire anniversary that is on the game loading screen from the Advanced Server APK , the costume will be available through the event Choose Royale , the female version is the free prize in the Free Fire Time Machine . Our Free Fire Club website obtained information about the eventRead More

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