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Gautam Gambhir is angry with Virat Kohli’s behaviour

A few days ago, Gautam Gambhir showed his middle finger towards the fans in the stands. Fans were cheering for Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni after seeing Gautam Gambhir on the field. Gambhir’s toxic behaviour was not well received by cricket fans worldwide. Gambhir said, “There were 2 to 3 Pakistan fans who were talking about Kashmir against India. So, that was my natural reaction. I cannot hear anything against my country. So, that was my response.”

After IPL, it’s Gambhir vs. Kohli on the international cricket stage as well. Gambhir said without mentioning anyone that too friendly behaviour with the rival team is not desirable at all. In the interview, Gambhir commented that Kohli’s love affair with the Pakistan cricketers reached its peak. Pakistan cricketers have been seen hugging on the field in the past. In the recent Ind-Pak match in the Asia Cup, Kohli also chatted with the Pakistan cricketers during practice. Even in the rain-hit group-stage match, Kohli was seen hanging out in the gallery surrounded by Pakistani cricketers.

Gambhir said, “When playing for the national team, all friendships have to be thrown across the boundary line. Dealing in matches is real. Friendship should be thrown out. It is important to have aggression in the eyes of the cricketers of both teams. Make as many friends as you want after playing on the field for seven hours! Because at that time you are not just playing for yourself, you are representing a billion people of the entire country!” during the innings break.

Gambhir argues that moderate sledging in the field is not bad. “Sledging can be done but it is better if it does not come down to the personal level. It should be within the prescribed boundaries. One should not drag one’s family members down to a very personal level. The abusive comments can go on and on. Nowadays it is seen that the cricketers of both nations are slapping each other on the back. Shaking hands during the match. It will look like a friendly match is being played. Even a few years ago, such a picture would not have been seen.” Superstar says.

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