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How to Transfer Internet Data from One Sim to Another

Hello friends, today I am going to share complete information about how to transfer internet data from one sim to another sim and how to transfer VI to VI data and Jio To Jio data transfer code and how to transfer airtel to airtel data. You can easily transfer data from one SIM to another, the process of which is going to be found in front of you.

There would have been a problem with everyone that we do not get that much data, but in the plan of the day, that it can run for the whole day. Whenever your mobile data runs out, either you take a top-up plan or do a recharge again so that you can get data. Whenever your mobile data runs out, then follow the method described in this post.

how to transfer internet data from one sim to another sim

In Android phone, any file or video etc. can be easily transferred from one phone to another. For this, there are many such features in the phone like Bluetooth, Nearby Share and there are many such apps from which you can take and give data in the phone. But when it comes to internet data transfer, it is a slightly different process.

If you have an Android phone, then it is natural that you must be using data and sometimes you will also need some extra data, that is why you need to know how to transfer Internet data from one SIM to another.

One more thing is that in today’s time data plans have become so cheap that one can recharge directly without transferring data, but you must come through the process of transfer because sometimes you need to read it.

Let us tell you one more thing that the facility of transferring internet data has been going on for a long time, it has not been started after any creature has come. This facility was started by the companies because earlier data packs were very expensive, so you could take the data from your friend.

how to transfer internet data from one sim to another sim

If you think that you want to transfer data from Airtel to Idea or Jio to Airtel then it is impossible because you can only do VI to VI data transfer and Jio to Jio data transfer code and Airtel to airtel data transfer. There is no feature to transfer data from one SIM to another company’s SIM yet.

By the way, if you talk about today’s time, since the arrival of Jio, you get at least 1.5 GB data every day. If we talk about transferring internet data, then it is as simple as transferring balance in any SIM. Today I want to give you information regarding this, so let’s know the process –

How to Transfer Airtel To Airtel Data

There are also a couple of telecom companies that register your mobile numbers for data transfer, only after that you can take advantage, when your number is registered, you are given some internet data transfer codes, which are dialed in the mobile. You can transfer Internet data from SIM to other SIM.

As I have mentioned above, to transfer airtel data from airtel to airtel, first of all airtel app or its website – airtel – prepaid. Postpaid | Broadband | DTH | Go to Payments Bank and register the mobile number so that your number will be activated. After the number is activated, you have to enter the internet data transfer codes given below and follow the process.

In Airtel company, you get 3 types of options to transfer data, in which you can give and take 10MB, 25MB and 60MB data to anyone. You have been given the codes of all three, which you should follow.

For 10 MB data – You have to dial 14171211 airtel number # of the person who wants to give data in your mobile, then you will get 10 MB data.

For 25 MB data – For 25 MB data, you have to dial * 141 * 712 * 9 * Airtel number # code of the person who wants to give data in your mobile.

For 60 MB data – For 60 MB data you have to dial 1417124 airtel number # code of the person who wants to give data in your mobile

How to Transfer VI To VI Data

To transfer data from Vi to Vi also, you have to first register your number by visiting their site MyVI. You can also use their app to register your number. You can easily download the app by going to Google Play Store.

In Vi to Vi you can transfer data in three parts up to 100MB, 150MB and 250MB. After registering the number, you have to follow the steps given below.

Open the dialer in your mobile and you have to dial the code 121121# in it.
Now select whatever internet you want to share like you have 100MB, 150MB and 250MB data pack etc.
After this, enter the number in which you want to share the internet.
If you give 100MB of data, then you have to pay Rs.1 and 150MB, then you have to pay Rs.2 and for 250MB you have to pay Rs.3.
Transferring data in Idea is a bit easier than Airtel as you just need to dial an internet data transfer code.

Jio To Jio Data Transfer Code

Jio company of our country, which has come to number 1 in the telecom world, in which all its users want to know whether there is a facility to transfer data from Jio to Jio like there is in other companies. This question is searched many times on the internet. You must have found some videos and posts

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