Simcity Buildit Mod Apk VIP Unlimited Money More 30 Features – Simcity Buildit Mod 1.46.3 Android-IOS 2023

  • Updated: 16-02-2023, 11:44
  • Genre: Simulation
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  • Russian language: Yes
  • Requirements: Android 4.0
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SimCity BuildIt is the mobile version of the cult series of city-building simulators. The project from ELECTRONIC ARTS has become incredibly popular among gamers who prefer miniature gadgets. This was achieved due to excellent graphics, a simplified construction system (the fascination of the process was not lost at all), huge freedoms of action and choice, the ability to communicate with other participants, as well as the presence of many other qualities. Join millions of players and start building your unique metropolis.

SimCity BuildIt is an adapted version of the popular city building strategy where you build your own city and customize its infrastructure.

Like the original part of the game, you have to go to a small area to build your own city. Become a mayor and try to turn a small city into a huge metropolis with your factories, shops, schools and high-rise buildings.

Let’s start with laying the road. You choose the direction of movement and its location. After that, the first houses are built, energy and water are supplied to them. The next step is to build factories that will produce the materials needed to build cool buildings and structures.

An equally important factor in the simulator is the mood of the inhabitants of the city. For example, there is no need to build huge factories directly in a residential area, this has a detrimental effect on the environment and the mood of people. Build shopping centers, amusement parks, upgrade houses and do everything to improve the mood of the city residents.

Externally, the game turned out just fine, three-dimensional graphics, smooth animation and a huge variety of buildings that differ both externally and functionally. Remember that the game is online, which means you can invite friends to your place and visit their cities.

What’s In Fashion

  • Unlimited Money
  • Level Max
  • VIP 10
  • Much More Things

Complete Steps to download the file.

1) Click on the Picture You see and a random Website will open (wait for it to fully load).

2) Then copy the URL Link of the Website and paste it below in the text-box

3) Click on “send” to receive the Download Link

Troubleshooting for instant download

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2) Make sure Adblock is turned off

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What’s New In Update

Mayor, enjoy your time inside the walls of amazing Spanish castles! Compete in the new Mayor’s Pass Season: Castles of Spain to unlock magnificent buildings like Island Fort, Explorer’s Castle, Castle of the Knights, and more.

Furthermore, look forward to unique buildings during limited-time events such as St. Patrick’s Day and Spring Holiday.

In addition, you can now add your friends with the simple use of friend codes!

Happy building!

Various bug fixes and improvements

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