These mistakes can leak private videos, photos and data

Anything a young lady did in Chandigarh College of Punjab, she is in the titles today.

Obviously, the shortcoming lies with the young lady and her beau in this whole occurrence.

Be it the situation of previous CM and Congress pioneer ND Tiwari or the spilled case including Anara Gupta and every one of the MMS outrages.

In some cases the mix-up is made without help from anyone else and the equivalent turns into the justification behind the break of private information, recordings or photographs.

In reality, advanced cell is the base of numerous wrongs, yet it is likewise a fact that it can't be lived without it. 

Presently it really depends on the client whether he is involving it for good or for evil.

Coincidentally, the inquiry comes in the psyche of many individuals that how private information, photographs or recordings get spilled.

Did the blamed young lady for Chandigarh College release the MMS herself or did it occur because of some exceptional explanation.

All things considered, clients of advanced cells should likewise be utilizing Google Play Store.