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Among Us Mod Apk 2022.12.8 VIP Always Imposter 500 New Features – Mod Menu 2022.12.8

  • Updated: Today, 07:18
  • Genre: Action
  • Version: 2022.12.8
  • Russian language: Yes
  • Requirements: Android 4.4
  • Views: 5 326 029

Among Us is a cool and original action game designed for multiplayer actions of a group of 4 to 10 people. They will perform the duties of astronauts preparing the spacecraft for a long journey. The situation is that among the participants, not only an impostor, but also a killer who wants to send the rest of the crew to the forefathers, wormed his way. The player who has received this role must comply with safety rules, not stand out from the background of the actions of others, conduct law-abiding activities to complete tasks together with colleagues, and also look for an opportunity to eliminate them. The unpredictability of events will amuse any fan of non-standard entertainment.

Among Us is a fascinating cartoon arcade game with an intricate plot and interesting tasks that hide many secrets.

Players are invited to join the team located on the spaceship. They travel through the infinite universe and explore new planets. According to the plot of the game, an enemy entered the ship, who wants to destroy the entire crew and damage the life support systems of the flying ship. You need to find out where the attacker is and why he needs it.

As mentioned earlier, the game will take place on the side of the spacecraft, which consists of many compartments. The game has several modes, you can fight both against a computer and real players, moreover, you can become both a member of the crew and the same intruder that everyone wants to find. Playing as the latter, you need to do everything to deal with the crew members, sneaking up on them from the back and making stealthy kills. Playing as one of the crew members, the player needs to move carefully through the compartments and, if an intruder is found, inform the others about him.

Use a chat room where players can express their guesses and put to the vote those people who, in their opinion, are ideal for the role of an attacker. Immerse yourself in this indescribable atmosphere and enjoy the team game.

What’s In Fashion

– [ Player Menu ] –

– Show Player Info
– No Clip
– Move In Meeting
– Spam Report (Meeting Must Start)
– Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
– No Meeting Cooldown
– Close All Doors
– No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
– Can Move In Vent
– Sabotage Lights
– Repair Sabotage
– Teleport Outside
– Teleport Inside
– Spectate Player
– Shadows Through Walls
– Speed
– Torch Distance
– Pick Fake Role
– See Ghost + Chat
– Sabotage (Have Cooldowns)

– [ ESP Menu ] – Esp Lines To Players

– Crew-mate(s)
– Impostor(s)
– Scientist(s)
– Engineer(s)
– Guardian Angel(s)
– Shape-shifter(s)
– Ghost(s)”)

– [ Host Menu ] –

– Change Player Roles
– Kill Player
– End Game [ Impostors Win ]
– End Game [ Crew Wins ]
– Uno Reverse Vote [Everyone Votes Themselves]
– Anti Vote [You Cant Be Voted]
– Redirect Vote [Take everyone’s vote and vote a selected colour]
– Complete My Tasks
– Complete All Tasks

– [ Everyone’s Name Editor (Host) ]

– Enter Player Name
– Select Player
– Text Effect (RGB Animation , RGB Slider)
– RGB Slider (Red , Green , Blue)

– [ Account Menu ] –

– Change Name
– Enable Free Chat

– [ Passive ] –

– Chat Always Visible
– Unlocked Hats
– Unlocked Name Plates
– Unlocked Pets
– Unlocked Skins
– Unlocked Visors

What’s New In Update

A brand new way to play – it’s our biggest content update of the year!
-New game mode: Hide n Seek – think you can escape from the Impostor until time runs out?
-New achievements for Hide n Seek
-New cosmetics
-Added the ability to pet your pets
-More improvements and fixes

For the complete list of updates, visit

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