Andrew will wake up next week at Free Fire, learn more

Starting next week, there will be the evolution of the character Andrew in Free Fire , the event is known as “ The Awakening ” and will be directly linked to the “ World Series ”, which is the Free Fire World 2021 , understand his new ability and among other information. The ” Awakening ” of Andrew in Free Fire is expected to begin from Thursday (20) , the information was confirmed by the company in other regions in India to Garena has not yet commented on the matter.

The Free Fire 2021 World Championship will start on Saturday (22) , in a new promotional video you can see Andrew “ awakened ”, along with the new skins of the “ World Series ”,  The ” Awakening ” is an update on the characters’ abilities, where they are improved and gain new advantages during Free Fire matches. Andrew’s current  skill in Free Fire  is related to the  durability of the vest , making the character receive less damage during matches and lose less HP points  .


The ability of ” Andrew the Fearless ” which is called ” Pack ” refers to the “group of wolves”, means that together they are stronger.

In the same way it will work on  Free Fire , Andrew’s advantage   will be even stronger if other team members are also using the character. With the ability to “wake up” the damage reduction will be improved by up to  14%  ( at its maximum level ), in addition there will still be an additional damage of  0.15  for each teammate with this equipped advantage during Free Fire matches.

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