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Best Tips to Build Your Dream Gaming PC

If you are buying or building a gaming PC for first time this article is for you. Each year new technologies are released so that users can upgrade their old PC. Gaming PC’s are one of the most beautiful jewellery available for gamers. The best gaming PC’s can run games at higher resolutions and settings.

You won’t be able to have the finest gaming experience if the game doesn’t run smoothly on your computer. How much money should you spend? The list of questions is endless. In this article we will help you prepare your PC for the major game releases that are coming this year.

Purchase Tips

If you have a small budget, consider to buy a pre-built gaming PC. Consider looking at bundle options which include a motherboard and CPU. Invest in an SSD of at least 500GB for your favorite games.

For the ultimate gaming PC setup, a 4K monitor (3840×2160) with 144Hz refresh rate will offer the best experience. When purchasing RAM for your PC, make sure it’s compatible with your motherboard. Most new motherboards will offer support for DDR4, and some even go as far as DDR5. 16 GB RAM is affordable now a days. Two sticks of RAM are also better than one.

Mechanical keyboards are the best for PC gamers. An adjustable DPI gaming mouse should be considered in order to receive accurate response times and mouse clicks. Join a Reddit community for your favorite games to learn new tips and tricks, or join a subreddit to explore different gaming communities and learn new things.

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