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China Steps into the Future with 6G Networks

The global race toward advanced mobile networks is rapidly evolving. 5G mobile networks are expanding in various countries of the world including India. 5G is spreading, and now there’s talk about 6G. China is ahead in this race, launching the world’s first 6G testing satellite just 310 miles above Earth. This satellite, made in China, can send and receive data super fast because it’s close to Earth.

Chinese telecom company ‘China Mobile’ set a world record by launching the world’s first satellite to test 6G technology. China Mobile and the Chinese Academy of Sciences teamed up for this satellite project. Its self-operating feature and proximity to Earth make it unique. The goal now is to connect this 6G satellite to Earth for optimal connectivity.

China Unicom, China’s third-largest wireless network operator, hopes to start 6G technical research by 2025. There’s a possibility that China might roll out 6G mobile networks in the next decade. According to the International Telecommunication Union, China aims to commercialize 6G technology by 2030. China is making big strides in shaping the future of high-speed connectivity.

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