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Hey gamers, today in this blog you will learn the best tactics and settings to connect your bullet to enemy’s head 100 and you will get the best accuracy after you will set this sensitivity. Free Fire MAX is one of the top titles in the battle royale genre on leading platforms like Android. The title offers top-class graphics and dynamics that are very engaging. Gamers can get the best survival gaming experience on various devices as the title supports many low-end devices.

The game is a shooting title; the deadliest shot a player can make is a headshot. Headshots inflict the most amount of damage to the enemy with any weapon. Players are always looking for ways to improve their headshot accuracy. Here, sensitivity settings play a crucial role in helping players attain a better aim.

This article discusses the best sensitivity for players for auto headshots in Free Fire MAX.

Sensitivity settings that offer auto headshots in Free Fire MAX

Garena has added the option to change a lot of in-game settings in FF MAX. Players can make the necessary tweaks to various settings like sensitivity, HUD control, and other settings. Sensitivity settings can greatly improve the reaction timing and reflexes of players with small changes to them.

For auto headshots, players are required to keep their sensitivities on the higher side. This will help them quickly adjust their crosshairs and different scopes onto the enemy’s head position and shoot. It will eliminate their opponents with ease and improve the player’s K/D ratio and other stats.

Here are the best sensitivity settings that players can use in Free Fire MAX for more headshots:

free fire headshot settings

  • General: 96 – 100

  • Red Dot: 92 – 9-96

  • 2x Scope: 86 – 90

  • 4x Scope: 64 – 69

  • Sniper Scope: 58 – 62

  • Free Look: 77 – 81

To change the sensitivity settings, players can follow the step-by-step guide discussed below:

  1. Open the FF MAX title on your device. Click on the small Settings menu in the top right corner of the screen. In the settings menu, look for the Sensitivity tab and click on it. Upon tapping on Sensitivity, players will get a new screen with the option to change different sensitivity settings. Players can apply the given sensitivity settings in the game to enhance their auto headshot accuracy.

Tips to improve headshot accuracy in Free Fire MAX

1) Training ground

The most important tip that players can follow to improve their overall gameplay and become pros in FF MAX is to visit the trading ground regularly. Players can perform different aim drills for 5 to 10 minutes to enhance the muscle memory of the sensitivity settings and controls layout.

Gamers who are using the new sensitivity settings are recommended to first head to the training grounds to make any necessary changes to them for more auto headshots.

2) Custom rooms

The second tip that players can follow to improve their confidence in their aim is to play custom room with their pro teammates. Players can play in 1v1 battles to get better in close-range fights as well as improve their crosshair placement for auto headshots.

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