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Free Fire Characters with New Abilities in OB40 Update

This week the new Free Fire update will take place on all Garena servers, the OB40 version of Battle Royale will bring several new features to gamers, among the changes are 4 characters that will gain new abilities after maintenance. Today, May 30, 2023, we will detail all the information.

The OB40 update will bring new abilities for 4 characters, Kapella, Dimitri, Thiva and Olivia. The news was confirmed in the Advanced Server APK and confirmed by Garena through the update notes.

the new abilities of the following characters

Olivia: Shares 80% of her HP recovery with teammates within 10m.

Dimitri: Creates a 3.5m recovery zone. Inside, users and teammates recover 10HP/s. Players can automatically raise if needed. The zone lasts 12s. The effect of helping friends can be enhanced by other skills.

Thiva: Increases friend’s revitalizing speed by 70%. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Revived friend recovers 100 HP for 3s.

Kapella: Lifting a teammate will create an 80 HP shield and give a 10% movement speed boost. The boost decreases after 4 seconds of successfully lifting. Reduces the HP reduction speed of knocked friends by 35%. The effect does not stack.

The Free Fire update is scheduled to take place next Thursday, June 1, 2023, information has been confirmed by Garena in every regions.

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