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Free Fire May 2022 Update Notes: OB34 APK

The next Free Fire update will bring several changes to the APK , such as improvements to the ranked system , changes to the skills of several characters and more, this Tuesday, May 24, 2022 we will list the news of the OB34 version through the FF update notes. The Free Fire May 2022 update notes are now available in other regions, in India the announcement about the changes should take place in the next few hours.


Optimization of the classification system

Brand new skins, optimized promotion experience, exciting rewards and much more!

“ A big surprise for those who play Ranked mode! In this update, we are proud to bring you a rank upgrade system, which includes a whole new look, tons of different rank rewards and gifts from the Token Shop, more ways to showcase your rank achievements, and more daily challenges. 

Rank Reward Update:

  • Limited time rare resource skins for Platinum and Diamond tiers.
  • Exclusive skins in the redemption store in all updates.
  • Collect ranking rewards before the season ends.

Overall rating system update

  • New interface;
  • Upgrade effects when leveling up;
  • Adjusted Battle Royale mode rating.

The Master and Challenger Ranking will show stars from 1 to 5 to indicate ranking progress.

Upgrade armor to level 3

“ Raise your hand if you’ve already wasted your hard-earned money replacing the level. 2 from the vest to level 3. Now you can just upgrade it for just 600 coins, so you can save on buying better resources. 

If a level 2 vest is used, the player can upgrade it to level 3 using the upgrade button.

Battle Royale Mode

“ Don’t risk your match for an Airdrop, only to find it has already been caught or wait for another Airdrop to be dropped from above with no idea where it will land. Improved some Airdrop visuals to avoid issues. 

Once an Airdrop has been collected, the light will disappear even if some items are still present.

Location Alert : When a player is near a pending Airdrop, a sign will appear at the location where it was dropped. Airdrops with rare items will be signaled using a brighter beam of light. Uncollected Airdrops will be flagged using a soft beam of light.

Rare item visual effects

Rare equipment will have different types of glowing effects.

“ We differentiated the glow effects on items by rarity, so you can easily identify them. Look, a fiery red! 

Other adjustments to Battle Royale mode

  • The duration of respawn points increased from 600s to 620s

Adjusted damage taken outside the Safe Zone

The first circle’s damage will increase to 3 after being outside the safe zone for 170 seconds.

2nd circle damage will increase to 6 after being outside the safe zone for 270 seconds while damage growth rate is reduced.

3rd circle damage will increase from 4 to 12 after being outside the safe zone for 360 seconds while the damage rate is reduced.

4th circle damage will increase from 8 to 24 after being outside the safe zone for 20 seconds while damage growth rate is reduced

Damage duration does not update when a new safe zone appears.


We improved the user experience using the pinning feature.

“ Our ongoing efforts to improve fastening are in the hope that it becomes an integral part of your teamwork and makes connections more efficient. The focus of the pinning optimizations in this update is to improve its usability and visual aspects. 

  • The pinned locations will be displayed on the minimap.
  • Pins can be used even when knocked over.
  • Greater object/player attachment distance as far away as possible.
  • Teammates will be marked with different colors on the minimap and in the team list.
  • When a quick message is sent, teammates will be notified by an icon in the team list.

Improved game environment

No extra points will be deducted for hacked players.

“Without a doubt, cheating on Free Fire is completely intolerable, and for anyone who has been disqualified by hackers, losing the game and having points deducted is definitely not good.”

Activated as soon as the system detects that the player has been disqualified by hackers.


If the player’s score in the current match is negative, no points will be deducted (the starting points in this case do not include the 20 bonus points for completing the daily quest ). If the player’s score in the current match is positive, the calculation will proceed normally.

If the player wins the current match, the result calculation will proceed normally.


  • Improved reporting system interface.
  • Improved friend request list.
  • Update notification when a team is full.
  • The position of the “Settings” button can be customized in the interface.
  • Automatically “Thanks” to the player who saved you.
  • Automatically “Thanks” to the player who pinned the item you picked up
  • The drop in honor points varies by rank
  • Improved in-game thumb design.
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