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  1. Dear sir ‘ I play free fire to get magic cubes in a given time, I earn the magic cube but don’t claim it after some time when I open my account to claim but that is not there it will disappear from option.pls I need magic cubes again

  2. Garena, i missed the chance to to get magic cube because on diwali we Indian has to much work on diwali to be prepared. This festival is most important to us in front of everything, so we have to do every work of diwali to celebrate it happily.

    I just want to say that please do something for those players who was not avail to play on diwali, means who have not played on diwali and not claimed Magic Cube.
    I hope will do something for us

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    Chandra Mohan
    Username: ˢᶜᵒʳ༎ϻαꎇɨα•࿐

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