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How Garena Ban Hackers In Free Fire:-CheckOut

Every 15 days Garena usually releases a report with actions taken against hackers on Free Fire , in 2020 more than 30 million accounts were suspended from APK due to undue advantages, learn how the company carries out the ban on Free Fire . In statement, Garena details how the hacking ban on Free Fire works , the company says the focus is on making the game fun and fair for everyone. The game’s system is capable of detecting hackers or the use of unauthorized programs on Free Fire , however, when a hacker is reported in the game, it enters a list that will be analyzed by Garena .

If the hacker is reported several times then the hacker’s ID will be at the top of the list , that is, the company will analyze it as soon as possible.

Soon after, the system will check if the user was really making use of undue advantages in Free Fire, only then will a decision be made.

The company comments that users will not be banned because of false reports from other players.


Check out Garena’s statement about the banning mechanism on Free Fire :

We know that there are some doubts regarding hacker suspensions , so we will present this information that will help you to better understand how hacker cases are handled.

When you find a hacker in the game, report it through the reporting system. After doing this, the system will analyze whether the player is actually using hacks or not, and will take action if it is positive.

Your report is important, since the most reported accounts will have priority for review , but remember, this does not mean that they will be suspended immediately.

Don’t worry, we will not suspend accounts that are reported only “for reporting”, all reports go through the system that detects if it is a fake report. Thanks to you, we keep improving so that everyone has the best gaming experience. Join us and let’s play Free Fire cleanly!

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