How to get Free Fire Rare Bundles

Garena usually launches new skins every week on Free Fire, the bundle can be equipped on many characters. Today, April 29, 2023, we will detail the information about the arrival of the unprecedented package called Blogueirinha de Brech贸.

The Blogueirinha de Brech贸 skin will be released next Monday, May 1, 2023 at the Escolha Premiada Free Fire event, more precisely after 08:30 am IST (Indian Time). The Blogueirinha de Brech贸 customization is now available in other servers, the package is exclusive to female characters.

How the event works

The event contains a list of rewards with 9 prizes, each of which can only be collected once. After each spin, you can select 1 item and delete it from the list of remaining prizes (you can also not delete any item), but it is not possible to delete the grand prize. If all delete options are used, the grand prize is guaranteed in just 5 spins. The event ends when there are no more prizes to redeem.

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