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How to Get Magic cube and 10,000 Diamonds free in free fire official.

Garena free fire has officially announced and giving their members or gamers a chance to Get tons of free gifts worth more then 10000INR

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here you will find that how you can get free magic cube and 10,000 diamonds in free fire.

Moreover, you will also get some top and premium guns skin and premium bundles or dresses for free in free fire.

Login on 08/24 to get 1 FREE character!
– Login on 8/24 (Sat) to get Antonio, Caroline, Miguel, Misha, or 2nd Anniversary Gacha Voucher*5.


Magic Cubes dropping after match!
– During these time period 8/24 12:00~13:00, 20:00~21:00 there’s a chance that a Magic cube will drop after each match (except for PVE mode)


Big Head mode reward: Meow Princess (Pet Skin)!
– Brand new mode, Big Head, will open from 08/24 – 08/27.
– You will get a Birthday Gift Loot Crate in your vault after each match. Open it to draw Pet Skin: Meow Princess!
– Clash Squad mode will be available until 08/25.


Callback Friend to get 9999 diamonds!
– Invite your friends who has been inactive for more than 7days and you could get up to 9999 diamonds in Birthday Cake Loot Crate.
– Call back 1 friend to get 2 Weapon Royale Vouchers + 1 Birthday Cake Loot Crate.

Call back 3 friends to get 2 2nd Anniversary Gacha Voucher + 2 Birthday Cake Loot Crates.
– Call back 7 friends to get 2 SCAR- Phantom Assassin Weapon Loot Crates + 10 Birthday Cake Loot Crates.
– Invited players will get 2 Weapon Royale Vouchers + 1 Birthday Cake Loot Crate.


Get Task Force Bundle in 3 To Win event.
– During 08/21 to 08/29, login and play games to get Round Lollipop, and go to 3 To Win web win grand prizes including permanent Task Force Bundle


Triple the experience, gold and fragments
– Triple the daily limit for gold and fragments on 08/24 all day.
– Triple the drop of experience and gold after all game modes on 08/24 all day

Increase the daily limit for experience, gold and fragments
– During 08/17 to 08/25, login to get 2nd Anniversary Cake Hair
– Wear Anniversary Birthday Cake Hair to play 5 games to win 3 Weapon Royale Vouchers
– Wear Anniversary Birthday Cake Hair to play 10 games to get 2nd Anniversary Board·


Collect Cakes in the game to get grand prizes
Part 1: To get Assault Force
– From 08/18 to 08/25, Cheesecakes will randomly drop in every game.
– From 08/24 to 08/25, there will be giant birthday cake in games. Blow them up to get Blueberry Cakes.
– Cakes exchange


6 Cheesecakes = 1 In-Game Bonus (limit 6)
30 Cheesecakes = 2nd Anniversary Bag
15 Blueberry Cakes = Anniversary cake grenade
30 Cheesecake + 15 Blueberry Cakes = Assault Force
Part 2: To get Party Dance Emote
– During 08/24 to 09/01, Chocolate Cakes will appear in every Dead Loot Crate – Cakes exchange
3 Chocolate Cakes = 1 In-Game Bonus (limit: 6)
20 Chocolate Cakes= Meow-met
25 Chocolate Cakes= Party Dance Emote


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