How to get Spontaneous Combustion bundle | date and news

Garena usually launches new skins on the Indian server every week, during the next weekend there will be the launch of the package called “Spontaneous Combustion.” Today, March 30, 2023, we will detail all the information available so far.

The new Free Fire Max skin will be launched next Friday, March 31, 2023, at the Token Royale event, more precisely after 08:30 am IST (Indian time), if there are no changes. The package called “Free Fire Max Spontaneous Combustion” is exclusive to male characters.

How the event works

Token Royale contains the new Free Fire Max skin, random prizes or tokens that can be exchanged for customization. Each attempt at the event will cost diamonds, where users will be able to unlock main skins or tokens. It is worth remembering that the tokens collected at the event have an expiration date.

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