New Dino Bundle in Free Fire News

In the next few days, Garena should bring back the bundle called Dino 2D, the customization that is part of the selected collection will be available at the Free Fire Token Tower event. Today, April 21, 2023 we will detail all the information available.

The Free Fire Tokens Tower with the Dino 2D skin will be released next Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 08:30 am (Indian time), if there are no changes. The Dino 2D pack can be equipped on both male and female characters.

How much does the event cost

See below how much each round of the event in India will cost (based on the previous edition, subject to change). 1 spin: 9 diamonds, 5 spins: 39 diamonds. With each spin, users will be able to win the main token or random items that will be sent to the event backpack, then they can be exchanged for more free spins.

How the event works

Spin to receive rewards or special tokens. Special tokens can be used to collect the grand prize. Received rewards will be placed in the backpack, except tokens. Players can select items from the backpack to exchange for more spins. When the event ends, rewards still in the backpack will be automatically sent to the vault.

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