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If you are a true gamer and want to know that which girl streamer is ruling the internet now a days then you are in a right place to know.

today, gaming industry is getting expend all over the business sector and here as compared to boys, Girls are 49% in aspect ratio to become a streamer like all others.

Here are some most popular girl streamers of all time below you will see.


23-year-old Imane Anys is an online gamer best known for her Fortnite and League of Legends streams. A Twitch veteran, she began streaming on the platform in 2012. With 3.4 million subscribers, she’s one of the top streamers on Twitch, right up there with Myth and Ninja. She’s also popular on YouTube, and has a second channel there called Poki ASMR. For her accomplishments in video production and gaming, she was nominated for the Content Creator of the Year award in 2018.


Livestreamer, cosplayer, and model, Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth, is a triple threat based in Houston, Texas. While still in high school, she began designing costumes and gained notoriety after she was discovered by the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet. She later began her own character company and has been featured on several local news stations. She frequently attends comic conventions to showcase her costumes, which have attracted the attention of over a million Instagram followers and 1.5 million Twitch subscribers.


Kristen goes by KittyPlays on the internet and is one of Twitch’s top talents. She streams twice a day and covers a variety of games like PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) and Overwatch. KittyPlays is also known for her vlog content, where she brings viewers along as she travels, cooks, and even races supercars. Over 1 million followers look to KittyPlays for engaging gaming (and lifestyle) content on Twitch.


Plenty of streamers are known for their variety, but very few streamers succeed with a diverse library of content the way Loserfruit’s done. She plays a lot of Overwatch and Witcher 3 on streams, but has plenty of vlog content, too. Loserfruit also streams Creative content, including editing streams in which she edits while broadcasting. She’s known for her engaging and humorous personality.


21-year-old Loeya began streaming back in July of 2017. The Swedish streamer has over 953,000 subscribers on Twitch, where she plays multiplayer shooting games including Counter-Strike and Fortnite. To immortalize her favorite moments from her streams, she compiles them on her YouTube channel under the same name.


ItsHAFU (real name Rumay Wang) specializes in Hearthstone, and she’s one of the world’s top players. Wang is known among her nearly 800,000 followers for her Arena streams, a distinct Hearthstone game mode in which players compete with special decks. It’s not just Hearthstone that Wang’s known for, though. She also played World of Warcraft professionally and has won several top titles in WoW.


A close friend of Dota 2 streamer, Jacky “EternalEnVy” Mao, Lilypichu is a YouTube and Twitch star best known for her League of Legends broadcasts. Her channel includes helpful walkthroughs, and she often shares her affinity for Japanese and Korean culture in her videos. While gaming is her focus, she also shares her favorite anime playlists on her Twitch channel, which currently boasts over 734,000 subscribers.



Lea May Currier is LegendaryLea online, and she uses her Twitch channel to share gaming content with nearly 647,000 followers. Recent games of choice have included World of Warcraft and Overwatch, but her primary game is Hearthstone. That said, she’s been known to shake up content every once in a while, adding games like Sims 4 to her repertoire.


American Twitch streamer AnneMunition has a remarkable history of charity work and activism. In addition to her impressive gaming skills, she speaks out against sexism and bias against LGBT+ streamers to make the industry more inclusive. More recently, she participated in Felicia Day’s #KeepFamiliesTogether livestream, helping raise over $250,000 for an immigration non-profit. She has nearly 570,000 subscribers, with over 14 million channel views.


DizzyKitten streams a variety of games on her channel, but PUBG is the most frequent. Streaming since 2013, Dizzy has amassed a loyal fanbase of more than 563,000 followers, and often shares her personality and engaging spirit with fans during her regular weekday streams. Many streamers go live frequently, but Dizzy commits to full 5-hour streams (8pm-1am CST) five days per week.

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