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WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator Mod Apk 0.14.5 VIP Premium Unlocked – WorldBox Mod 0.14.5 For Android-IOS 2023

Super WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator is another project that offers players not only a great pastime, but also the opportunity to show their creative nature. Here they will become a god. And they will be able to create their own world according to their desires and views. Do everything as usual, or collect fantasy universes, populate them with a wide variety of sentient and animal representatives, and so on. And then watch your self-development. And if necessary, you can arrange a flood or send a meteorite, which will radically change the appearance and properties of the planet. Here is where to turn around and fulfill your ideas.WorldBox is a classic sandbox game that puts players in the role of creators. Developers do not limit players in any way, so they can both create and destroy entire planets using just one finger.At the bottom of the display are available tools that allow you to build islands, raise mountains, fill them with beautiful lakes, and blow up entire continents, leaving only small pixel pieces of them. You will get access to both fertile soils, sand, fresh and sea water, and forests.To create or destroy something, you need to select a material or tool, and then click on the screen in the part you are interested in. Explosives, lightning, acid rain and even an atomic bomb will help you create real chaos. Interestingly, in addition to natural foci, you have to create life. You can add both animals and people. Build houses, roads, improve infrastructure and observe the life of ordinary people. As soon as you get tired, you can immediately take dynamite and blow up one of the islands, watching how it colorfully shatters into small cubes.

What’s In Fashion

Full Unlocked

Turn Off When Open The Mod U Get Premium Then Next Time Turn On No Problem

About WorldBox MOD APK

The primary qualities of objects and people in the Worldbox are called traits, which also determine an object’s or person’s personality and other attributes.

A simulation game called Worldbox will give you the utmost sense of divinity. The game’s main characteristics are as follows:

  • Roads and housing are constructed by civilizations. They are in conflict with one another. Help them thrive, grow, and create a powerful empire!
  • use a variety of organic forces. The world can be scorched by acid rain or destroyed by an atomic bomb shower! Make underground worms, tornadoes, or heat the earth relentlessly. Enjoy creating new, life-filled planets or engaging in sophisticated devastation!
  • Create many disasters in simulation. There are meteorites, volcanic eruptions, lava that is burning, tornadoes, strong geysers, and a lot more. Create, then observe the deterioration of civilisation and the evolution of your creations.
  • Make a pixelated environment. With a range of tools, you can design a distinctive universe. Use pixels that are different colors to be creative!
  • Try things out in your own world. Play around with various animals and components in a magic simulation.
  • Create your own vibrant pixel planet and rule it like God. Create the existence and civilization of several mythical races. Make your dreams come true in the world!

Interesting WorldBox Mod APK facts

Sandbox and Indie are combined to create the genre of Worldbox. Worldbox Mod APK is steadily stealing the hearts of many gamers with its fresh and appealing gameplay. Are you attempting to reimagine the world from your own point of view? Let’s get to work, then!

The world through your artistic eyes

The Worldbox by Maxim Karpenko works like magic to endow you with Supreme power. Players will assume the role of a strong god in this scenario. You will be tasked with rebuilding the framework and creating the universe in your own distinctive manner. 

It is possible to get rid of or destroy things that used to make you unhappy. Because you are the only person with authority at this time. Just below the display panel, that power converges completely.

The following guidelines should be kept in mind by players: download a sample world, then design and establish the rules for your own arbitrary universe. If you can grasp these concepts, playing the game will become much less challenging and more straightforward.


Initially, there was only a little plot of land in Worldbox. Your hands will start to grow in life. 

Players begin with modest communities based on the information they have learned from earlier civilizations. Develop that community into a powerful kingdom and more. A part of the living world is people. Despite the abrasiveness of nature, they are resilient. Give them challenges like “Drop the monsters,” “Create natural disasters,” “Flood,” etc. without hesitation. 

Man has to conquer everything in some way. If not, they will disappear forever. With just a few touches, drags, and drops, the enormous world is instantly made smaller in front of your creative eyes.

Everything you want to destroy

That’s right, the player in the Worldbox has the ability to eliminate everything they feel shouldn’t be there in addition to creating new life. This power can be used in a variety of ways. 

The first is to obliterate life in numerous locations by using landmines, atomic bombs, meteors, or infinity coins. TNT is the second option. This type of explosive has a tremendous amount of destructive power when it contacts the ground. 

Players can endanger humanity by using monsters and natural calamities in addition to horrible destruction. The deadly fire dragons will put humanity’s endurance and fortitude to the test. Or unleash a sea of wrath to discover what the earth is being washed away from?

Relative pictures

Despite the fact that many individuals today are accustomed to the background of sharp 3D visuals. Worldbox still chose to use 2D pixel visuals when creating.

With more than 10 million downloads, the number of gamers who exhibit interest in this genre is also very high. Because the gameplay of the game is in some ways very well suited to this 2D graphics platform. Although the image is not as sharp, the explosion effects and the scenery are both pretty lovely. This is what gave Worldbox its distinctive and fascinating contribution to success.

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