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5 best MP40 gun skins in Garena Free Fire after OB32 update

The MP40 is one of the most commonly used SMGs in Free Fire due to its high fire rate and significant damage. While employing it on the battlefield, players can easily take out their opponents within a few seconds.

Individuals may also equip gun skins that improve specific attributes, aiding in eliminating enemies. Consequently, many users stay on the lookout for the finest skins they can apply.

Note: Choice of gun skin is subjective, and the ones stated below represent the writer’s opinion.

Free Fire: Five awesome current MP40 gun skins

5) MP40 – Mechanical

Mechanical occupies the fifth spot on this list and is an excellent choice for the players searching for a gun skin. It has a superb look with unique effects, enhancing the overall esthetics of the weapon.

Users can acquire the same through its loot crate, accessible in the in-game store for 40 diamonds.

These are the attributes that this skin improves:

  • Damage: “++”
  • Range: “+”
  • Reload Speed: “-”

4) MP40 – Crazy Bunny

The MP40 – Crazy Bunny is one of the most popular skins in-game, and many gamers crave the same. It raises the overall range of the weapon, making it potent over a slightly longer range than usual.

Many might recognize this skin from Ajjubhai, aka Total Gaming’s, video, where he spent a lot of diamonds to acquire it.

Attributes enhanced with this skin:

  • Damage: “+”
  • Range: “++”
  • Magazine: “-”

3) MP40 – Lightning Spade/Flashing Spade

The MP40 – Flashing Spade/Lightning Spade is a part of the Poker MP40 collection which is in incredible demand in Free Fire’s community. Users could previously acquire it through the Incubator, where they had to exchange a particular number of blueprint tokens and evolution stones. The golden color of the skin is quite attractive.

Here are the effects of the MP40 – Lightning Spade:

  • Damage: “++”
  • Rate of Fire: “+”
  • Range: “-”

2) MP40 – Royal Flush

Royal Flush was a new skin added with the return of the Poker MP40 incubator back in October of 2021. The unique design and incredible stats made it a must-have for players back then.

Like Lightning Spade, users had to collect blueprints and evolution stones to acquire it in Free Fire.

Stats improved with the MP40 – Royale Flush:

  • Damage: “++”
  • Rate of Fire: “+”
  • Accuracy: “-”

1) MP40 – Predatory Cobra

Predatory Cobra is arguably the finest option for the MP40 in the battle royale title. It is one of the Evo gun skins, meaning that gamers have to level it up using the ‘Venomous Fang’ tokens to unlock privileges like upgraded attributes, special effects, and so on.

At the highest level, the skin offers the following to the players:

  • Damage: “++”
  • Rate of Fire: “+”
  • Reload Speed: “-”
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