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All of Us are Dead All Episodes in Hindi 720p

All of Us are Dead All Episodes in Hindi 720p

All of Us are Dead All Episodes Download in Hindi 720p: What do you think of when you think of a zombie apocalypse?

An entire image with graphic details of people mercilessly ripping off people’s limbs while the survivors struggle so hard to breathe while the tension between them slowly reaches the point of breaking? Unfortunately, at the time, Netflix’s All Us Are Dead is pathetically mediocre. This doesn’t mean that the acting, which is a vital requirement for any video media, is bad – but more on that later.Contentshide1 All of Us are Dead All Episodes Download in Hindi 720p1.1 All of Us are Dead Webtoon1.2 All of Us are Dead Webtoon in English1.3 All of Us are Dead Trailer1.4 Share this:1.5 Related posts:

All of Us are Dead All Episodes Download in Hindi 720p

Movie Name:All of Us are Dead
Directed By:Lee Jae-kyoo
Release Date:28 January 2022
Size400 Mb

Between the 2021 Hellbound shutdown and the series starting 2022, it appears Netflix is ​​in the midst of a Webtoon adaptation bonanza.

While it’s nothing in itself, the point is that All Us Are Dead isn’t a particularly good zombie show. However, it is a good disaster show.

The story begins in a South Korean high school, where bullying is rampant (literally to the point of murder and sexual assault) and there appears to be a wall between the so-called ‘welfare’ and the wealthy.

All of Us are Dead Webtoon

And amid all this, a scientist-teacher is obsessed with the loss of his son, who inadvertently releases a virus that turns people into crazy, flesh-hungry creatures. Yes, zombies, swamp-standard zombies.

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Caught in this mess are a group of kids with enough tension between them to virtually cut the zombies apart, as they struggle to survive while the school – and the town beyond – is quickly overrun by these creatures, while the people in-charge struggle to respond effectively.

All of Us Are Dead’s biggest failing is in its core creature feature – the zombies. Apart from a handful of examples, the zombies are middling at best as a threat, even though they repeatedly come within inches of killing the main cast.

All of Us are Dead Webtoon in English

The series does something very interesting in the beginning, making it seem like strong negative emotions trigger zombification as a bullied kid starts acting rabid and goes for the bullies, but devolves into a generic virus-gone-haywire story just episodes down the line, which only has a compelling background from the teacher’s circumstances as a father to talk home about.

It also doesn’t help that the show is stretched to a massive 12, hour-long episodes, bringing the pace to a screeching halt at times.

On the other hand, the series shines as a disaster show. While the students struggle to survive and cope with their losses, the world outside bears the brunt of the zombie invasion, and it is shown in graphic detail from various perspectives – through military response, political manoeuvres and even streamers literally walking into the city and making false videos of zombie attacks in subways and laughing over it.

All of Us are Dead Trailer

Of this, the military response and the political manoeuvres are the most compelling parts of the human drama.

While the political up-manning appropriates a father’s desperate desire to see his daughter at school, making the politicians appear truly opportunistic in a rather dramatic interrogation scene, the military response is more cold-hearted and brutally efficient in that they don’t hesitate to experiment on the zombies, mercilessly threaten teenagers with death and even isolate people from the affected region – all very logical choices, presented in a very inhuman fashion.

It even has a satisfying, logical conclusion, which ties into the teacher’s motivation for creating the virus.

All of Us are Dead Download

The show also has its moments of good comedy, such as when a student slips and yells expletives when a teacher runs into the room they are holding as a base against the zombies, and moments of good character drama, where some of the friends are forced to cast aside their own to save themselves.

Unfortunately, the latter doesn’t seem to amount to much in the grand scheme of things, and is just washed aside with little consequence for those involved.

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