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999+ Ping Problem? Solution of 999+ ping of free fire

999 Ping doesn’t occurs because of downloading speed, it generally occurs because of low upload speed provided by your internet provider. For a battle royale game, having a good connection to the internet is of prime importance. Free Fire, for one, definitely requires a stable internet connection. Although, it’s a light-weight BR game. So, it consumes less data than its competitors like PUBG mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile.

Before Getting started this, let me tell you that this not a click-bate this is a real trick which i’m using from over a month and all the persons who is close to me also getting benefit of this trick because this really works. so firstly see the screenshot below of before and after of 999+ ping solution which you may not see in my video video tutorial.

A bad connection usually leads to your game stuttering every now and then. It can also cause random disconnections and make your game behave in a bizarre manner. Though, lag can also occur due to other issues but if your ping is beyond 150, it’s probably because of a poor connection. Today, we’ll see how to fix the poor connection issues and high ping problems through some simple steps.

Hope you enjoyed the video and may you ping issue resolved now, if you ever feel that my content is somewhere helping you then please share this article to your friends so that they can also rid out of this ping problem can enjoy the gaming flawlessly. so do share because sharing is caring.

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