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Big breaking: GPT-4 can destroy human jobs

GPT-4 is a new version of the popular language model called ChatGPT, developed by Open AI. A post has gone viral on social media where it is seen that GPT-4 can perform more than 100 jobs effortlessly without any human help. There are many people all over the world linked with these jobs worrying for their future. Earlier, experts claimed that ChatGPT could take away many people’s jobs. Now with the launch of GPT-4, it has been proved by hand, people from many sectors can lose their jobs due to GPT-4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has many features that give it great potential to replace humans.

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GPT-4 is useful in many sectors including data entry clerks, customer service representatives, proofreaders, translators, copywriters, market research analysts, social media managers, telemarketers, virtual assistants, transcriptionists, email marketers, content moderators, Travel Agents, Tutors, Technical Support Analysts, Journalists and Recruiters. If a company starts taking the help of GPT-4, then the company will no longer have to pay salaries for these different professional workers.

This is where the chatbot can make many people feel insecure about the job. For example, the person doing data entry needs to have very good typing speed and also ensure that there are no mistakes in typing. But GPT-4 can type anything up in no time, and how accurately it can get everything done is unthinkable. However, experts claim, AI is far from completely replacing humans. Although they can automate certain tasks, from complex problem-solving to decision-making, and creativity, especially those that require emotional intelligence, chatbots can in no way replace human thought and presence.

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