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Emulator x Mobile on Free Fire: 4 things you need to know

The separation between emulator and mobile in Free Fire has already occurred on all Garena servers , including India, according to the company, the objective is to make matches fairer, in this post we clarify some of the main doubts of the community. With this change,  mobile users will only play with other players who have a cell phone  in the match, in the same way it will happen with users who have a  computer ( emulators ). In this Monday (06) the Garena issued a new statement with more information about the separation of emulator and mobile , highlighting four points, check out:

Dear gamers, playing Free Fire using emulators on a PC with a mouse and keyboard is different from using mobile devices . We’ve noticed that the emulator is a popular method among Free Fire players. In order to provide an ideal gaming experience for everyone, we’ll introduce more information about the emulator and mobile separation .

Players will be matched based on the platform they are on – mobile or emulator . Here are some top notes for this feature.

1 . The separation of emulator and mobile will only be available in BR and CS sorting modes .

2 . If there are one or more emulator players on your team, the entire team will be compared with other emulator players .

3 . Emulator players can be identified by the icons displayed on the team invites .

4 . To keep you well informed about your teammates, a notification will appear when an emulator player joins the team .


The separation between emulator and mobile was approved by most of the community , however, many users report a delay in the “ queue to find a match ”, our team at the Free Fire Club website is conducting a new survey on the subject and will send suggestions to the company in India.

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