Free fire is going to ban In June:- see details

This week Garena released the new report with the latest bans carried out on Free Fire , despite being the 1st announcement on the subject in June, the ID suspensions were carried out in the last two weeks, this Monday, June 06, 20222 we will detail company numbers and tips. According to the company, in the last two weeks there were 1,938,342 bans on Free Fire , ID suspensions occurred due to the use of advantages not allowed during matches.

About 44% of the new bans carried out on Free Fire were thanks to reports from the users themselves. The most reported hack by the community  is the one that  modifies the APK template file .


See below the list of  Garena  with actions that cause  banishment in Free Fire :

  • Use a¬†¬†modified¬†¬†or unauthorized game application;
  • Using¬†¬†unauthorized¬†tools¬† that interact with the Free Fire application;
  • Using¬† informal¬†programs¬†¬†to give the game an edge;
  • Modify the¬†¬†template file to gain an unfair advantage;
  • Use¬†¬†flaws¬†¬†or¬†¬†bugs¬†;
  • Be¬†¬†reported by many players¬†and¬†¬†detected by abnormal game¬†simultaneously;
  • Bypass¬†¬†Free Fire’s anti-hacking system¬†¬†through unauthorized local data transfers.
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