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Top Rare Items in free fire in the world

The term Angelic Free Fire is one of the community’s favorites, currently there are several items with the theme in the APK, such as Angelic Pantsbackpack , gel wall and more, this Wednesday June 08, 2022 we will list the rarest Angelic items. The items mentioned in this article are based on the rarity level ( category ) they are listed in the APK , not necessarily on the frequency at which it usually returns.

Check out the rarest Free Fire Angelic items currently below:

Blue Angelic Pants: the customization in blue color is one of the rarest and most popular items in the APK, the skin usually returns once a year on the Brazilian server;

Angelical banner and avatar : currently only influencers who are part of Garena’s partner program have these items, before the verification seal the banner and avatar were used to identify them.


The last Angelic-themed skin to return on the Brazilian server was the red Angelic Free Fire Pants , customization was available at the “ Awarded Magic ” event during March 2022.

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