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Free Fire X Marvel Partnership? All you need to know

This weekend a large part of the community is commenting on the possible partnership between Free Fire and Venom , with that many users have been asking us about this collaboration, such as if other characters from Marvel will also come to the game, in this post we clarify the main ones. information. First of all, it is worth remembering that the partnership between Free Fire and Venom has not yet been confirmed by Garena , although there are great chances of this collaboration occurring in the coming weeks.

However, what many may not know is that Venom is actually licensed by Sony , despite the character being created by Marvel , as well as Spider-Man .

This way, if there is in fact a partnership between Free Fire and Venom , the collaboration is actually with Sony , which could bring Spider-Man to the game in the future .

The same would not happen with other characters like Iron Man , Captain America and others from Marvel , as they are licensed by another company and not Sony .

The possible partnership between Free Fire and Venom may occur in the same month that the character’s second film will be released in theaters, more precisely on October 15th .


We emphasize again that the community should wait for the official communication from the company about the possible partnership between Free Fire and Venom , as well as the details about the agreement between the companies, to really know if other characters will be able to come to the game.

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