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Get Rare Xodó Bundle in Free Fire

In the next few days, Garena will bring new customization to the game. The skin is called Xodó. Today, June 14, 2023, we will detail the information about the date, rewards and how it will work, the bundle is exclusive for female characters.

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The Xodó skin will be released at the Free Fire “Chest of the Treasure” event next Friday, June 16, 2023, more precisely after 08:30 am IST (Indian time).

How the event works

You can use the normal attempt or the special attempt to get prizes in this event, and you’re guaranteed the grand prize with 8 normal attempts or 3 special attempts.

The normal attempt starts with 9 diamonds and will guarantee one of the items, the price will increase with the number of attempts. The special attempt starts at 199 diamonds and will guarantee one of the 3 items in the first row.

If you get the first-row prize for the normal attempt, the value of the next special attempt will increase. If you get 1 prize from the top row for the special attempt, the value of the next normal attempt will increase.

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