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Hrithik Roshan, Awakened Hayato character In Free Fire.

Hey Survivors, You Heard this new Right that The First bollywood character has now entered in game, Hrithik rishan as Agent JAI. The Luqueta is not the only new piece in no! In addition to him, we will have a new character named Jai , alongside another one of the characters that will awaken his secret powers. I could say “who is it?” to cause suspense, but you’ve read the title.

The lucky ones will most likely be available on the Advanced Server , and should arrive in the main game soon, on OB-23 . Although their arrival is practically certain, we cannot confirm it, because not everything that arrives at the striker enters the game.

About the Character – Jai

In Real Life He is a Bollywood superstar and the First person from India to Get character in free fire. The Jai is an agent of SWAT trained to act in special high-risk operations. This is a characteristic of civilians who are part of SWAT.

Skill and Advantages – Jai

Called ” Furious Reload “, your ability will automatically reload the weapon’s cartridge with {0}% of its capacity when taking out an enemy. This will be applied to rifles, shotguns, pistols, SMGs and snipers.

About the Character – Hayato

After being the only one for many months, Kelly “Ventania” will have her first awakening companion at her side. The Hayato “Blue Flame” will be the new character of Free Fire, awakened master of blades, Hayato.

Skill and Advantages – Hayato

The name of the Blue Flame’s skill, Ghoshinjutsu , originated from a complete training system that allows him to practically defend himself against the most varied situations of aggression, fight and approach, promoted by Hosho Ryu Ninpo. And now that you know the origin of the name, let’s talk about what the skill consists of.

The “ Ghoshinjutsu ” ability reduces frontal damage by {0}% for {1} sec. Its cooldown is {2} s. Shooting will interrupt the ability’s operation.

Which of the two skills is the best in your opinion? Leave a comment with your feedback , and stay tuned for more news on the next Free Fire update. See you later!

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