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Liz Truss may become the next Prime Minister of Britain

Voting for the leader of Britain’s Conservative Party closes today. Liz Truss seems to be moving towards victory. The results will be announced on Monday.

After an exhausting nationwide tour, nearly a dozen campaign events and three televised debates, voting for the leader of the Conservative Party closes today. The latest trends are pointing to the victory of Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

The results of the long race between Truss and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak will be announced on Monday, September 5. The next day Prime Minister Boris Johnson will officially submit his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II.

Voting was conducted by an estimated 200,000 members of the party, via post and over the Internet. It started in early August, a month after Johnson announced his resignation.

big challenge ahead

In this poll, it was found that Truss has tremendous support compared to Sunak. But whoever wins, his political honeymoon will be very short. The UK is currently going through a subsistence crisis that has not been seen for many generations.

Due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, energy prices have gone up and inflation has reached double digits. Electricity bills will increase by 80 percent from October and will increase further from January.

Surveys show that lakhs of people say they have to choose between food and cold storage in these conditions. The Truss has promised to bring down tax rates, but it will do nothing for the poorest of people.

For several weeks she has been denying the possibility of direct funding, and in the campaign’s final program on Wednesday, she reiterated former US President George Bush’s promise not to introduce any new taxes, which Bush broke soon after coming to power. was.

party getting behind

But in an article in The Sun newspaper, Truss promised that she would “help quickly to make sure people don’t have to pay bills they can’t afford” this winter. He wrote, “I firmly believe that we need to be radical reformers in these difficult times.”

MPs from his party supported Sunak after leaving Johnson because they felt that he would be more capable of leading the party to victory in the next elections to be held in January 2025. But party members have supported the truss in large numbers. While Johnson was a Brexit hero, Truss opposed Brexit.

However, whoever wins the post of leader of the party, recent polls of the country’s voters show that the party faces a challenge in retaining its 12-year-long hold on power. In opinion polls, the lead that the main opposition party, the Labor Party, had over the Conservative Party, has now reached double digits.

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