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New Pet Brabuino: Ability and Advantages

Hey survivors, welcome here again with another exciting news related to free fire India OB-25 Update. and before discussing about the new pet in free fire i’m gonna tell you that after the update, you won’t be able to play with adam and eve because in the new update of december ob-25 update adam and eve will be changed with name as well as ability too. Recently the registration for testing the new Advanced Server was released, among the novelties is the new PET , the Brabuino ! Brabuino arrives in the OB25 version of free fire , the Christmas version, but he can already be testing on the new server advancing that is about to arrive (11/26). Check out the image of the new PET , exactly how it will arrive in the game:


Helping Hand will be the name of the new pet’s skill, its function is to increase the “Launch distance of Grenade, Gel, Flash and Smoke Grenade […]”  The advantage when using the new pet, will be the launch distance of Grenades, Flash, Gel and Smoke Grenade which will now be much greater , thus allowing the attack from long distances using grenades and the like .

The New Version OB25 arrives for everyone in early December, Brabuino is just one of the many other new features that are coming to free fire .

About the mandrill

The mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx) is a primate of the Old World monkey (Cercopithecidae) family. It is one of two species assigned to the genus Mandrillus, along with the drill. Both the mandrill and the drill were once classified as baboons in the genus Papio, but they now have their own genus, Mandrillus. Although they look superficially like baboons, they are more closely related to Cercocebusmangabeys. Mandrills are found in southern Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Congo. Mandrills mostly live in tropical rainforest and in very large groups. Mandrills have an omnivorous diet consisting mostly of fruits and insects. Their mating season peaks in July to September, with a corresponding birth peak in December to April.

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