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New Upcoming Faded wheel Event in free fire

Hey Survivors, welcome back again ,The producer package that is part of the Garena x Bodyslam partnership  has an arrival date on most of the servers including Indian server. Like the Mauritian package and the Sunday package , the producer is also the result of a partnership with the Thai band. The partnership started since the OB23 update , where two packages of the band were added. In the new OB24 version, the free fire won new items, two new packages ( Mr. producer and pop star ) and an ” angelic ” backpack .

The producer package already has an arrival date. Arrives at the Brazilian server next Saturday (17) through the Faded wheel . The new royale choice arrives on the 17th and runs until the 23rd of this month.

HOW DOES Faded wheel WORK ?

You must remove 2 items from a list of 10 options. After discarding the 2 items, there will be only 8 left where you can get them all in 8 spins. Each spin costs 1 diamond value, as you earn the items the spin price increases.


  • 1st spin – 9 diamonds;
  • 2nd spin – 29 diamonds;
  • 3rd spin – 59 diamonds;
  • 4th spin – 99 diamonds;
  • 5th spin – 199 diamonds;
  • 6th spin – 399 diamonds;
  • 7th spin – 399 diamonds;
  • 8th spin – 799 diamonds;

Totaling 1992 diamonds in all. This is the amount needed to get all the items of the Faded wheel that arrives Saturday with the new package.

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