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Protect Private Chats with Secret Code on WhatsApp

A new feature is coming to WhatsApp. It is heard that the messaging app owned by Meta has started working on a new feature. Modern and advanced features are being launched so that the user’s WhatsApp chat conversation is completely private and safe. ‘WhatsApp Locked Chat’ feature has already been launched. The secret code feature is going to be added to Meta. Many people may think that this feature is similar to how we lock the device with a password on the phone but there is a difference between the two features. With the help of the secret code feature, users will have the control to keep the conversation more secure.

A trusted source claimed in a report, that these modern and advanced features are being launched so that the conversation of WhatsApp chat is completely private and safe. As a result, even if someone gets access to the user’s phone, they will not be able to reach the locked chat. Access to those locked chats is possible only with the help of phone PIN or biometric authentication. WhatsApp beta Android update available on the Google Play Store shows WhatsApp working on this new feature. Users can create their secret codes to keep the locked chat more secure.

WhatsApp (Meta) is always careful about the security of users. A custom password feature was introduced by the WhatsApp authorities in an update a few weeks ago. It is known that when the new feature is launched, the privacy and security feature of that conversation will be completely different from the security of the entire device. This means, even if someone gets access to your phone, and knows the password of the device, they will not be able to access the WhatsApp chats protected with the secret code. This feature will be introduced in the next update of the app. Then all users will get the benefit of this feature.

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