Time Machine Event On 13, Unlock free Rewards In free fire

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The Free Fire Time Machine will open on Thursday, August 13, 2020 in the game, it is necessary to get the Free Fire anniversary prizes , for that you must perform the missions and earn “ Chip Blue token ” and “ token do Tempo ”, the event will arrive 1 day after the August Free Fire maintenance along with the new Bermuda map .

The free items of the Free Fire anniversary are divided in two ways within the ” Time Machine “, some will be collected after the completion of the global goal and others within the “Time Capsule” store as the Free Fire Manic Assault skin .

To help in the global goal it will be necessary to use “ Time tokens ”, while to get store prizes it will be necessary to use “ Blue Chip tokens ”.


1 . Access the event page through the ” Time Machine ” button on the game’s initial screen ( after August 13 ):

2 . Then go to tab ” exploration missions “

3 . Now you will select random characters to carry out all missions automatically , each of them has a certain time to be completed:

4 . You can choose any character to perform the challenges, they are automatic and will not interfere . After each mission is completed, return to the event to collect the Blue Chip token and Time token :

Place tokens on the Time Machine to explore Free Fire’s past and future with players from around the world. Whenever you enter 10 tokens you will receive 1 chip.

Whenever a new machine goal is reached, all players will receive rewards . The progress of the Time Machine takes into account all the players in the world, so there may be a delay in updating the count.

Dispatch the characters for exploratory missions. Missions will be completed automatically after a certain time. Remember to come back to collect the rewards.

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