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Time Machine Event On 13, Unlock free Rewards In free fire

The Free Fire Time Machine will open on Thursday, August 13, 2020 in the game, it is necessary to get the Free Fire anniversary prizes , for that you must perform the missions and earn “ Chip Blue token ” and “ token do Tempo ”, the event will arrive 1 day after the August Free Fire maintenance along with the new Bermuda map .

The free items of the Free Fire anniversary are divided in two ways within the ” Time Machine “, some will be collected after the completion of the global goal and others within the “Time Capsule” store as the Free Fire Manic Assault skin .

To help in the global goal it will be necessary to use “ Time tokens ”, while to get store prizes it will be necessary to use “ Blue Chip tokens ”.


1 . Access the event page through the ” Time Machine ” button on the game’s initial screen ( after August 13 ):

2 . Then go to tab ” exploration missions “

3 . Now you will select random characters to carry out all missions automatically , each of them has a certain time to be completed:

4 . You can choose any character to perform the challenges, they are automatic and will not interfere . After each mission is completed, return to the event to collect the Blue Chip token and Time token :

Place tokens on the Time Machine to explore Free Fire’s past and future with players from around the world. Whenever you enter 10 tokens you will receive 1 chip.

Whenever a new machine goal is reached, all players will receive rewards . The progress of the Time Machine takes into account all the players in the world, so there may be a delay in updating the count.

Dispatch the characters for exploratory missions. Missions will be completed automatically after a certain time. Remember to come back to collect the rewards.

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