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Update Notes: What will change in Free Fire from the OB-26?


Ready or not, here she comes! The first Thursday of the month of February, comes packed with news for Free Fire. According to the remaining time of Ouro Royale, the newest game update (OB-26) will arrive on the world on February 4.

As a good news portal, we have translated and listed here all the news confirmed in the update note. It is worth remembering that, because it is a crude translation, many of the things here can be confusing. Now warned, it’s time to check out what’s next:

What has changed?

• New exclusive content arrived at Free Fire Max

• User interface update

• Awaiting corridor updates

• New lobby and custom weapon shelves;

“We improved the design of the lobby to better suit the events of the game. We also allow you to choose from 3 different weapons to aim in the lobby. You can also choose melee weapons and other weapons in complete comfort. Show your weapon collection now ”;

Players can display up to 3 different weapons in the lobby.

• New login video

• New video from the lobby;

“We hope you enjoy the new video, which highlights the Military Island 2.0 map along with a friendship theme, something to be enjoyed by Free Fire players. We will also continue to produce new, high-quality videos for in-game events. ”

• New effects

• New weapon effects

Ammo change effects improved for AK, Thompson and M82B;

“The granting of the new recharge effect has always been a factor of enthusiasm. In this version, we decided to focus on these 3 weapons that the player uses a lot. We will try the new effect now ”;

All new weapon reload effects in Free Fire Max have the same ammo change time as the traditional version to ensure fairness for the game.

• Parachute effect enhancement

The effects using electric plates and umbrellas in the game will become more realistic and smooth;

“We realized that we needed to improve the effect that appears after you jump off the plane, so that we can offer the perfect survival experience right from the start of the game. When using electric boards or skydiving, you will see that the action will become more realistic and smooth ”;

• Sound effects improvements

• Enhanced skydiving sound

The sound effects when using electrical panels and parachutes will be updated;

“To enhance the authentic gaming experience from the beginning of the game, we will update the quality of the sound effects when using the electric plate and parachuting. Enter the battle and experience new changes immediately ”;

Enhanced sound effects when using electric boards and skydiving.

• Correct steps

The Max version steps will be corrected to match the normal version;

“After going through some versions, we try to improve the steps in the game. However, according to feedback from most players, you are even more familiar with the sound of the steps in the traditional version. And to help you get the best experience, we will review it according to your needs ”;

The steps of the traditional version and the Max version will be the same.

• Image improvement

• Image update for training island

“Try new mini-games, new items and new content on the Training Island for the traditional and Max versions. Especially in the Free Fire Max version, we have updated the visual effects of the Social Zone and the Combat Zone. Ilha dos Treinos has become a more relaxing place than ever ”;

Enhanced visual effects for Social Zone and Combat Zone on Training Island.

• New media version

• New Moto design and new Moto skin

“Moto has always been the preferred vehicle for getting around on the map. We wanted the motorcycle to look new and better. Get in the game and try it now. We will try to update more vehicles ”;

Moto has a new look, but the hitbox will remain the same as the old design.

• Error correction and optimization

• New login footage

• New lobby display system

• Optimize vehicle sound

• Improved sound for skydiving

• Reduce in-game sound effects

• Content for Free Fire Max and Free Fire

• Update: Operation Cobra

• Fight to the death

• Season 5 classification mode

• New season from February 5

“The new season for Contra Squad has started! Now be classified with Gold III to get the exclusive item: MP5 – Dourada ”

The new classified season will start on February 5th.

• Exclusive store

• Shops dedicated to Contra Squad

“Since the start of the 4th season of Contra Squad mode, we have received many responses saying that you are looking forward to the return of the MP40 and MP5. In season 5, we’ll be introducing a new storage system where players can use them on different maps. Thus, your favorite weapons will be present in the Contra Squad ”.

• New Item – Mystery Chest

Can be used in Contra Squad (Classic);

“The Mystery Chest was designed to give the losing team a chance at battle, giving the player a chance to receive high-level weapons in the box. Players will receive 3 items and can choose one of the three to take to the battle. Let’s try our luck now ”.

• Survival mode

• Updated weapons vending machine

Items and prices will be updated in classic and ranked mode;

“In this update, we will make improvements to the weapons vending machine. First, we’ll add the price for some items based on your specifications. Thus, we will increase the proportion of tokens that appear on the map so that players can use the vending machine and update their equipment ”.

• New item – Mini Drone now available at the vending machine

• Added the proportion of tokens that appear on the map

• New item – Mini Drone

Drop: classic and ranked mode;

“The Mini Drone is a limited item that can show you if there are enemies around you. Use it as an automatic pre-flight drone to ensure the safety of your team ”;

Mini Drones will be included in weapons vending machines.

• New Item – War Chest

Can be used in classic and ranked mode.

“We find it a little difficult to find and collect equipment in peripheral areas. In this update, we’ll be adding war chests in various locations that can help warriors collect more easily. ”

• New mechanism – “Each point reappears”

Can only be used in the classic;

“Each respawn point will be a completely new mode appearing in casual mode. This will be the place where warriors can revive their teammates after occupying this fortress. However, this base will be placed in a location with very little land to cover. So, be careful of the dangers that surround you to trigger a safe revival ”;

Activating a spawn base will revive your teammates.

• New Item – Reviver Card

Can be used in classic mode;

“You may have a chance to return to the arena if your teammates can buy the ‘Reviver Card’ at the vending machine. After the update, any SQUAD with at least 1 living member will have a chance to revive their teammates before reaching the final round ”;

New Item – Reviver card can be purchased at the vending machine.

• Training island

Updates of maps and images;

New area;

“In this update, we are going to change the Training Island to an island with a new name: Batou Island. We also added new content, such as the ferris wheel, the Hall of Fame in the community area. Players can also race with their friends around the island. Try it now and tell us how you feel ”;

New mini game;

New shooting school;

Jumping jump;

Hall of Fame;


Practice glue bombs;

Updated training island store;

New item in the training island store;

“We added some items to the training island store. Visit a store now to get new equipment right away. ”

• Weapons and balance

New Weapon: MAG-7;

Can be used in survival and death modes (I guess this translation is referring to the classic and CS modes)

“MAG-7 will be the new Shotgun that will appear in this update. With a super-fast bullet rate, this weapon will definitely be a god in close combat situations. ”


Reduced damage;

“Vector seems to be doing a lot of damage, especially in the double shot mode. We will reduce its damage and reach so that the opponent has more time when dealing with Vector ”;

Minimum damage: -1;

Maximum range of Akimbo mode: -4;


Damage, range, and projectile speed increased;

“The M1014 has become less popular since we launched the M1887 and Vector. We will add a little more damage along with the range so that you can compete with other shotguns ”;

New sound effects,

Minimal damage: +3;

Minimum range: +2;

Fire rate: Reduced from 0.4 to 0.38.


Reduced damage and range;

“The M1887 is the king of hand-to-hand and medium-range combat because its range is very high. We decided to reduce the weapon’s damage and range a little so that medium-range opponents can handle this weapon more easily ”;

Minimum damage: -1;

Maximum range: -1;


Reduced damage and range;

“PARAFAL’s reach is very high at the moment, making it look like an automatic submachine gun. We decided to reduce the weapon’s range to make it more stable compared to many other long-range combat weapons ”;

Indent: reduced from 0.28 to 0.25;

Maximum range: reduced from 34 to 29;


Reduced range;

“CARAPINA is proving to be very powerful due to its large and long-range charger. We will remove the accessory from the magazine to ensure that the weapon is not unbalanced when using the magazine LV3 ″;

Range: 0.39 increased to 0.42;

Cartridge accessory removed.


Reduced damage and range;

“SVDs are really showing their dominance among weapons that can plunder the audience with the sheer amount of damage they can do. We will make adjustments so that players have more time to deal with the damage from this weapon ”;

Bullet speed: increased from 0.48 to 0.53;

Attack damage 50% -> 40%;


Drop rate increased;

“Groza is showing a weaker edge than the other weapons that appear in the box and can be easily replaced by other ARs. We decided to increase Groza’s damage in this update and increase his drop ”;

Ammunition rate: 0.18 to 0.168;

Minimal damage: +3;

Indent: 0.2 increased to 0.23.

FF knife

It now appears in classic and ranked mode;

“Are you ready to throw the knife?”

• Dynamic duo

Available from 2/9;

“We introduced the Dual Dynamic mode – a special pairing mode that you can combine with your friend if you buy Golden Oath at the store. After the two become a great pair, the two can receive attractive gifts based on the time of experience they are together. Find a partner and explore now ”;

Dynamic Double mode will be available from February 9th.

• Community mode update

“We are making major changes in this update. After the update, you will have many ways to meet new friends and teammates in the SQUAD lobby. So, you can define the team that best suits your style of play ”;

• System that connects friends

Players can also invite friends who are in the game.

• New profile and tags

• Optimized ratings

• Communication radio

“We found that it was a little difficult to communicate with teammates if they didn’t have the microphone. With the radio communication system, you can quickly combine and synchronize the ability to move with your teammates with just a few simple steps. ”

• Lock the view

“We find it a little difficult to locate enemies when you’re running fast. In this update, we will add perspective lock mode so that you can find the position more easily, even during execution. ”

• Twitter login support

• Any vehicle can blow the horn

• Tracking will no longer affect the rescue of teammates

• The name of a teammate will be changed to facilitate viewing next to the crosshair

• Correct damage error

• Optimized Kamir skill animation

• The inhaler can now heal over 200 hit points for characters over 200 hit points

• The death mode score card now also displays your teammates’ statistics

• Players can now also track teammates using skills and items in observation mode

• Enhanced FPS and ghosting (???) for all devices

• Added the effect of opening multiple chests with one touch

• Location markers in the game will be shown during the parachute jump

• Add sound effects to headshots

Anyway, it’s over! We tried our best to adapt the translations that were confusing, and until we got a good result. It is worth remembering that this note was released by Garena

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