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Vincenzo’s Free Fire ID, KD, Stats and more

Vincenzo is a very famous Free Fire content creator and has over 3.41 million subscribers on YouTube. In this post we will look to his stats all the records he have in free fire. Mobile battle royale games have witnessed a steep rise in popularity in the last few years. Games like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and Free Fire have millions of players worldwide and have garnered huge numbers on platforms such as YouTube. 

Vincenzo is a very famous Free Fire content creator who has a YouTube channel with the same name. In this article, we will talk about his Free Fire ID, Stats, K/D ratio and more.

Vincenzo’s Free Fire ID

Vincenzo’s Free Fire ID is 437144862, and his in-game name is ‘LE VINCENZO✓’. He is also the leader of the guild LEGENDS✓. 

Vincenzo’s Stats

Lifetime Stats

Vincenzo has played 17282 games in the squad mode and has 3209 Booyahs to his name, with a win rate of 18.57%. He has notched more than 63100 kills, with an impressive K/D ratio of 4.49.

When it comes to the duo mode, he has won 298 games out of the 1704 games he has played. He also emerged victorious in 100 games out of 1124 solo matches.

Ranked Stats

In the on-going season, Vincenzo has played a handful of duo matches and no solo matches. However, he has played about 641 squad matches and has won 69 of them. He has 2276 kills to his name, with an outstanding K/D ratio of 3.98. 

Vincenzo’s YouTube Channel

Vincenzo started making content on YouTube over one-and-a-half years ago. He posted his first video back in December 2018 and has posted 286 videos since then. He has over 3.41 million subscribers on his channel and over 222.9 million views combined.

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