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Viral video shows little boy hugging and apologising to his teacher

A video featuring a little boy and a primary school teacher has gone crazy viral on the internet.

The clip shows a classroom where a child is trying to console his teacher. The woman is heard saying in Hindi, “You repeatedly say that you will not do it, but still you do. I will not talk to you. You said once that you will not do it again, but you did (Agar aap badmashi karoge toh main aapse baat nahi karungi).” Looking repentant, the boy hugs her and keeps telling her that he will not repeat (Ab nhi karunga) his actions.

In the clip, the boy is seen hugging, kissing, and asking for pardon in a very cute way. The video was quite endearing to some, while many had different and harsh opinions about the boy’s actions. At the end of the video, the little student manages to convince the teacher, who then kisses him in return. 

Media Reaction

A user commented “The teacher is a magnificent lady. Respect for such Teachers who treat innocent-hearted kids with such care and love. When a kid relates a teacher with their mother that is when they can learn values and education.” There are some negative comments also, This is pure harassment. Would you accept if a similar thing is done by a male teacher to a girl child? Then why is this acceptable?

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