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Advanced Server Free Fire November 2021: APK registration and download

In the coming days Garena will launch the new Free Fire Advanced Server in November , the Advance Serve APK will anticipate the main news of the next update, in this post we will detail information about the registration and download of the FF Advanced Server. The inscriptions Advanced Server Free Fire in November due to begin later this week, given that the site Advance serves FF has been updated this Monday (08) .

Check out the schedule for the Advanced Server in November below :

  • Registration and registration : between the 9th and 15th of November;
  • Advanced Server Download : from November 16th;

This information is based on previous editions of Advance , so there may be changes.


In order for the user to be able to  register, it  will be necessary  to log in  with  Facebook , check out the step-by-step registration in  the Advanced Server 2021 APK below (as soon as it is released ):

1 . Access the link:

2 . Then click on the “ log in with Facebook ” button;

3 . After you have logged in, fill in the information requested by Garena;

4 . Okay, your registration was performed successfully on the  2021 Advanced Server , now just wait for the approval and release of  the APK download .

The APK download is performed on the same page as the registration, after its official launch.


The option  download  the  Advanced Server Free Fire  may even appear for some players (when released), but have not Login approved, this will occur when the message ” server ready soon ” appears.

Will my Free Fire account be deleted if I join this server?  No, your Free Fire account will not be deleted – a new one will be created.

I installed Advanced Server APK – why do I get an error message and can’t login?  The Advanced Server can only serve a certain number of users. If the Server is full, wait a while and try again.

Will my account on Free Fire Advanced Server be deleted after a period?  Yes, your account will be deleted as soon as the period ends. You will still be able to play on the official server normally.

How to update Free Fire 2021 Advanced Server?  When downloading the new version of Advance, the APK will be automatically updated.

How to download FF Advanced Server? The APK is downloaded directly from the Advance da Garena website.

How to get Free Fire Advanced Server? First, it will be necessary to register during the registration period, after which the player must wait for Garena to release access before downloading the APK.

How to get into Free Fire Advanced Server?  The user must use the same login data as APK Free Fire to enter the Advanced Server.

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